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Kim's Orni-ments

My Orni-ments capture the essence of your favorite birds. They are handpainted by me and scrollsawn from high quality birch plywood.

Bird Orniments by Kim Russell

Water Birds

Average size: 5"x4"x3" $24.00 each

Goose, Snow
Loon, Common

Flamingo Orniment by Kim Russell

Water Birds with long legs

Legs are separately attached pieces
Average size: 6.5"x5"x3" $27.00 each

Crane, Sandhill
Heron, Great Blue

Goldfinch by Kim Russell


Bird Ornaments

Each bird is depicted in flight and comes with a descriptive tag that has interesting facts about the species.

Cut from 1/8 inch thick birch plywood, they are light but sturdy. Individually handpainted by Kim with high-quality artist acrylics that won't fade.

Due to the high demand for her drawings, Kim no longer sells her ornaments through shops. They are only available to her collectors once a year at the MMoCA Art and Gift Fair in Madison, Wisconsin each November.

Kim's Bird Orniments

Backyard Birds

Average size: 5"x4"x3" $24.00 each

Cardinal, Male
Hummingbird, Ruby-Throated
Oriole, Northern
Woodpecker, Pileated


Birds of Prey

Average size: 5"x4"x3" $27.00 each

Bald Eagle
Hawk, Red-Tailed