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2020 Exhibits:

Booth At Kohler Show

Garden Expo
Madison, WI
Feb 20-21, 2021

Special Exhibit
Reedy Art Gallery
UM Arboretum
Chaska, MN
Apr 7-June 6, 2020
Postponed til 2021

National Garden Club
Milwaukee, WI
May 12-15, 2020
Covid Cancelled

Edina Art Fair
Edina, MN
June 5,6,7 2020
Covid Cancelled

Spring Green Art Fair
Spring Green, WI
June 27-28, 2020
Covid Cancelled

Art Fair ON the Square
Madison, WI
July 11-12, 2020
Virtual Art Show

Uptown Art Fair
Minneapolis, MN
August 7,8,9, 2020
Covid Cancelled

Art Street
Green Bay, WI
August 28,29,30, 2020

Wausau Festival of Arts
Wausau, WI
September 12-13, 2020
Covid Cancelled

Holiday Art Fair
Madison, WI
November 14-15, 2020

Kim's cranes on the Kohler street banners

Kohler Midsummer Festival 2013
Kim's cranes on the street banners

Somebody Is Happy

Somebody Is Happy

Kim Russell | Artist | Christl Iausly | Spring Green Art Fair

Kim and Artist Christl Iausly

Artist Kim Russell

Kim Russell Original | Snaz | Great Horned Owl


creates detailed drawings of
stylized birds in pen and ink on
white backgrounds.

Kim's art is inspired by the iconic imagery of ancient, indigenous cultures.

"I'll never tire of learning about birds or hearing stories of the ways they have touched people's lives."

News and Events

Kim Russell At Virtual Garden Expo

A Virtual Garden Expo

Feb 20-21, 2021

Wisconsin Garden Expo

This year, the Garden Expo will take place online!

I will be joining an array of inspiring speakers, nature-themed exhibitors and educational organizations, as well as virtual garden tours and a photography exhibit.

As part of the expo, I will be live
on facebook from 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
and 6:00-7:00 p.m. on both days.

Fields of Gold by Kim Russell International Crane Foundation From The Field Webinar

Fields of Gold

International Crane Foundation
From The Field Webinar

The Long and Winding Roads that Lead to Portraying Cranes

Now available for viewing on youtube, Kim's webinar presents the journey that led her from the Chicago suburbs to the rolling hills of Sauk County, Wisconsin.

In the webinar, Kim discusses the progression of her artwork with a focus on the influences and stories behind selected crane drawings.

She also talks through the process of creating a drawing of a blue crane, and the extensive research that led her down interesting paths along the way.

Beneath the Lilies by Kim Russell at Virtual Art Fair ON The Square | Common Loons

Beneath the Lilies Detail

Beneath the Lilies

An overhead view of life in the clear water of a northern lake.

Beneath The Lilies is a 60" x 20" framed drawing of Common Loons.

The loons are joined by Channel Catfish, Yellow Perch, and a Green Darner Dragonfly.

Pileated Pair by Kim Russell at Virtual Art Fair ON The Square | Pileated Woodpecker

Pileated Pair Detail

Pileated Pair

This drawing of a mated pair of Pileated Woodpeckers is a portrait of symmetry.

A mated pair will usually stay together for life.

Can you tell which one is the female, and which is the male?

At Your Service by Kim Russell at Virtual Art Fair ON The Square | Cardinal Couple

At Your Service Detail

At Your Service

The title of this drawing is a play on words.

Male Cardinals tend to their mate's needs during courtship and brooding.

The fruit being proffered is a native Serviceberry.

Kim Russell | Bird Art | Red-headed Woodpecker

Harvesters Detail


A family of red-headed woodpeckers works together to cache acorns for winter sustenance.

Black oak leaves and acorns adorn
the lower corners.

Kim Russell at Virtual Art Fair ON The Square

Artist Incognito

Covid Won't Stop Me!

Most of my shows are cancelled, and most of my shops are closed.

I'm still happily creating new drawings, filling orders, and taking on special projects and virtual events.

Stay in touch through my social media and email.

Phone conversations are welcome.

Kim Russell | Original Sculpture | Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN

Kim and Mayo Screech Owl

Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN

Mary Brigh Building

Pediatric Atrium Lobby

Kim was thrilled to be awarded a commission by the famous Mayo Clinic for 34 of her life-sized bird sculptures.

The birds, all native Minnesota woodland species, are flying in Mayo's new Pediatric Atrium Lobby.

We will post a feature in the future documenting the extensive project.

April 7 - June 6, 2020

Kim Russell Exhibit UMN Arboretum Reedy Art Gallery

From Brochure

Special Exhibit

Birds Of A Feather:
Contemporary Avian Artists

A Two Woman Exhibit

Reedy Art Gallery
UM Landscape Arboretum The Arb
University of Minnesota
Chaska, MN

Artist Presentation:
as part of Audubon Birding Day
Sunday May 17, 2:00 pm

At her talk, Kim will share fascinating
facts about the birds in her drawings.

Postponed until 2021

Kim Russell | Original Sculpture | UW Hospital American Family

UW Hospital Art

UW American Family Children's Hospital Project

Art coordinator for the UW Hospitals, Amanda Kron, had a vision for the new floor of the children's hospital.

To support the theme, "Skies Over Wisconsin, Amanda challenged Kim to design and execute hanging sculptures for installation in the elevator hallway.

Working with many safety and size restrictions, the end result was three cloud formations with groupings of birds on each side to welcome visitors as they step off the elevators.