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Original Drawings

Ink and acrylic on paper art board. Archival materials are used in the production, framing and matting.

In The Studio

My focus is on the flow of the lines, the symmetry between components, and the balance of the completed piece.

Kim Russell In The Studio

Kim In The Studio

First, I block out the drawing with pencil.

Kim Russell Drawing

Kim Drawing

Next, I paint the background colors and apply light shading.

Kim Russell painting A Crane Face

Painting A Crane Face

I still use the same paint tray that I was issued in high school.

Kim Russell Favorite Paint Tray

Kim's Favorite Paint Tray

Then, the fun part. The drawing really comes to life when I ink in the details.

Kim Russell Inking Texture

Kim Inking Texture

Kim Russell Inking Texture Closeup

Kim Inking Texture Closeup


Duet Crane Art by Kim Russell Crowned Cranes by Kim Russell Sandhill Crane Wing Detail by Kim Russell
Duet Crowned Cranes Crane Detail

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Great Blue on the Wing by Kim Russell Comin' On Strong by Kim Russell Eye To Eye by Kim Russell
On The Wing Comin' On Strong Eye to Eye

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Birds Of Prey

Barn Owl Two by Kim Russell Barred Owl by Kim Russell Kestrel by Kim Russell
Barn Owl Two Barred Owl Kestrel

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Pelican by Kim Russell Swimming Loon by Kim Russell Pride by Kim Russell
Cool Guy Swimming Loon Pride

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More Birds

Cardinal Couple by Kim Russell Detail of Red-winged Blackbird by Kim Russell Pairing by Kim Russell
Cardinal Couple Red-wing Pairing

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